"One of the best places to live & work In America"

If Salt Lake were a character in a book, how would one describe the city's personality? Some would say that the city is a downhill ski racer who thrives on the speed and challenge of the nearby slopes. Others may say the city is a computer genius working its way to the top in the area's burgeoning high-tech industry. Still others would argue that the city is a person of strong moral character whose values are driving it to focus on the family.

The truth is, Salt Lake City is all this, plus much more. One characteristic that everyone agrees on, is that Salt Lake is a vibrant community that is experiencing economic prosperity. The area's productive workforce, low unemployment, exceptional recreation and overall quality of life are a few of the reasons the Salt Lake valley is considered to be one of the nation's economic hot spots.

Salt Lake City and Utah are recognized on a regular basis as a great place to live and work. In 2003, Inc. magazine ranked Utah as the top entrepreneurial state in the nation per capita. Inc. magazine has also ranked Salt Lake City as the second-best large metro area for starting and growing a business. The Salt Lake City/Ogden area was ranked as the best place to live in North America in the sixth edition of Places Rated Almanac; Forbes magazine ranked the Salt Lake City/Ogden area 20th as the best place in America to do business or advance your career; Employment Review® magazine and selected Salt Lake City as one of the top 20 “Best Places to Live & Work in America;” Entrepreneur magazine named the Salt Lake/Ogden area as the second best largest city in which to locate a business; The National Association of Women Business Owners ranks the Salt Lake City/Ogden area as the number one place to woman running a business; Salt Lake City has been named one of the top 25 “Wired Cities” in America by Yahoo! Magazine; Fortune magazine listed Salt Lake third in its rankings of best cities in America for business; Financial World rated Utah as the best fiscally-managed state in the nation; Western Blue Chip Economic Forecast and American Demographics magazine refer to Utah as "one of the top three economies in the nation;” The U.S. Conference of Mayors named Salt Lake City one of the top six Most Livable U.S. Cities; and Morgan Quinto Press named Utah as the fourth most livable state.  With these accolades past and present, Salt Lake’s future continues to look bright.

Spectator Sports
Cheering on professional and amateur sports teams is easy when in Salt Lake. The city has received national acclaim for two of its basketball teams: the NBA's Utah Jazz and the University of Utah basketball team, which competed in the 1998 NCAA national championship final game. 

The Utah Jazz brought Western Conference status to the franchise. During the 1997-98 season, the Utah Jazz went to the NBA Finals for the second time in two years. The Utah Jazz bring millions of dollars to the state each year in media coverage alone. 

Energy Solutions Arena, which seats nearly 20,000 spectators, is home to the Utah Jazz, as well as the Utah Starzz, the WNBA basketball franchise. The center is also used for special events and concerts.

The Utah Grizzlies Hockey Club skates on the ice at the state-of-the-art E Center located in West Valley City. The Grizzlies are three-time winners of The Turner Cup. 

In the summer, the Salt Lake Bees baseball team (AAA Anaheim Angels),  play ball at Spring Mobile Ballpark. The 15,500-seat stadium is located just blocks from downtown Salt Lake City.

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