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Located 9 miles east of Park City.

Property Type:
Homesites, Single Family Homes, Townhomes

Total Units: Approx. 600

Unit Sizes:
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The dream for Tuhaye, The Good Land,” is a vast and alluring as the high-country rangelands that inspired it. The creation of a pure golf and ski community amid one of the American West’s most coveted natural playgrounds. A protected haven of exquisite homes and homesites for 600 fortunate families.

An all-season sanctuary close to Deer Valley® ski mountains, the Jordanelle Reservoir and historic Park City. Within the 10,000-acre embrace of the all-inclusive Talisker Club, Tuhaye is creating a rich and fulfilling way of life that offers each generation adventure, new experiences and transcendent beauty -- season after season, year after year.

Talisker has assembled nearly 10,000 acres of land located in the greater Park City area and is now developing two resort communities. The initial community, Tuhaye is a 2,000 acre golf community located nine miles east of Park City. Talisker’s second community, Empire Pass is a 1,600 acre ski community located along the slopes of Deer Valley ski resort. Talisker is planning and building numerous amenities in each of its communities for the use and enjoyment by members. A community is more than a collection of houses -- it needs a center. At Tuhaye Park, the traditional golf clubhouse is reinterpreted as a group of pavilions to give center stage to the remarkable landscape and spectacular views. Six buildings, featuring generous porches and overhanging eaves, stone and wood finishes and large windows, will define a park with native plants and meandering footpaths that offer recreation and relaxation. Tuhaye Park will be a focus, an intimate setting for family life.

We see Park City as a market where we can introduce diverse and interesting designs and concepts that aren’t currently available in the area. The hilly terrain led us to create two-story designs with features like walk-out main levels and basements. The dramatic golf course and mountain views called for lots of glass to capitalize on the surroundings and allow abundant natural light into the homes. People came to a place like Park City for the environment, and we want them to be able to experience that environment whether they’re inside or outside of their home.